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Pandit Parsai is a noted authority in Astrology and has authored several books on the subject. Many of his books have been translated in different languages. All his books are in simple, layman language for everyone to easily understandand gain knowledge of the subject. He has poured his vast years of experience and knowledge into his books for the masses.

Star Guide®to Predictive Astrology ©

Star Guide to Predictive Astrology
Well-known scholar and astrologer Pandit K.B. Parsai and son, Pandit D.K. Parsai, presents a blockbuster on astrological guidance and " predictivesutras ", never before passed beyond father to son or guru to a chosen disciple. This book details subjects to be considered for making predictions under each of the 12 Houses in the birth-chart of a person and the effect of each planet, including combination, with another planet.

Excerpts from the PREFACE:

"This book -- the sixth in the series of STAR GUIDE®from the PARSAI FAMILY -- is born from the recognition of the immortality of human being and the immortality of knowledge (gyan). Normally the concepts and precepts of an ancient knowledge like astrology, (particularly in the predictive side) are passed on from father to his progeny; in other words, kept a closed family secret. But I, born in a small village of Laduna in Madhya Pradesh (INDIA), who had to struggle hard to acquire knowledge and educated myself to obtain double Masters of Arts and Sahitya Ratna (Master of Literature), believe that knowledge must be spread and passed on to generations of people in the tradition of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' (the whole world is my family).

Let me make it clear that despite controversies, astrology -- the scientific study of the influence of the visible planets in the cosmos on the life and events on earth, based on mathematical calculation of the placement of the time of an individual's birth -- is under no threat of becoming extinct. The kind of people irrespective of their class, religion, background and nationality seeking astrological guidance is incredible... As in any field, there are people who are genuinely knowledgeable and those who feign to be so. This book should enable readers to differentiate between chaff and the grain.

A word about whether astrology is scientific or not. It has become somewhat fashionable these days to deride astrology publicly and seek it privately. My co-author, Pandit D.K. Parsai, has dealt with the subject at length in Introduction to Astrology. This article should clear the confusion. The problem is that the bogey of astrology being hocus pocus is not being raised by the ignorant, but by the knowledgeable people who do so only for argument's sake. The authors have no means to satisfy such die-hard opponents of astrology. Had astrology being a superstition or hocus pocus, it would have died a natural death, instead of surviving through centuries. What is required is sustained funding for proper and objective research in the subject in public domain.

It is in the fitness of things, that I acknowledge the faith in me of thousands of people from all walks of life, strata, and nationality who have consulted me over the years and thus enriched my experience and wisdom. These include VVIPs, scientist, artists, students, professionals, bureaucrats, industrialist, politicians, film stars, as also poor, resourceless and the ordinary people. I also thanks several friends -- and they know who they are -- who helped in various ways in the production of this book."

Pandit K.B. Parsai, November 5, 2001, New Delhi.

By: Pandit Parsai & Pandit Parsai
Published: 2001,
Current: 10th Reprint 2020
Format: Soft cover

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Price: Rs.995

Star Guide®to Love and Marriage ©

Star Guide to Love and Marriage
Perhaps the only Book of its kind in the world that deals exclusively with the 7 thHouse of a Birth Chart related to Love and Marriage.

This Book is considered an authority on Mangal (Kuja) Dosh, bad influence of Mars) on marriage and married life.

Excerpts of this book have been published in Japan, Spain, France and other places in leading astrological magazines and in books on astrology.

This books involves no mathematics. Just your horoscope or bare birth chart and the authors expertly steer you from basics: recognition of birth charts to How and When of an Affair or a marriage or divorce. How to go ahead with matching of the horoscope of yourself or your son or daughter or friend with a prospective partner. It includes chapters on Failure of Marriage, Adjustment in Marriage, about Transits and their effects on marriage and the importance of the Yearly Charts for very precise predictions on events.

You can get better insight on your partner by reading Chapters 10, 11, 12 and 13 and in the process get better adjustment to each other for a happier and fuller life.

By: Pandit Parsai & Pandit Parsai
Format: Soft cover
Price: Rs.580 + SH Rs.100

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Star Guide ®to Love and Marriage ©- Hindi Edition
(Jyotish mein Prem aur Vivaah ke yog)

Star Guide to Love and Marriage - Hindi Edition
For generations knowledge has been passed by word of mouth from father to son. But now 25 generations and 66 years of Pandit Parsai's experience and knowledge of astrology is collected in this and other books. This book deals with the Seventh House that governs Love, Sex and Marriage. It contains blockbuster information never before revealed. Prediction secrets normally passed down from father to son only are also revealed in this book. Presented in a simple lucid language that almost anyone with very basic understanding of the subject can also follow.
Topics covered are from the How and the When of an affair or of marriage or a divorce.

How to go ahead with matching of the horoscope.

Chapter 6: Failure of Marriage
Chapter 9:Remedies
Chapter 10:Adjustments in Marriage

A Complete Book on the 7 thHouse i.e. Love and Marriage.

By: Pandit Parsai & Pandit Parsai

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Star Guide ®to Elections©- English Edition

Star Guide to Elections - English Edition
Another first - ever Unique Book on Astrological Guidance for Election Candidates.

Renowned and learned Astrologer Pandit K. B. Parsai shares his depth of ancestral knowledge and vast experience on the hottest topic - Elections.

The uncertainty of popular franchise is the biggest fear in the mind of any candidate in any elections, in any part of the world. This book is, therefore, conceived as a beacon of light to fill in the lacuna, enabling candidates, prospective candidates and their advisors, to judge their future at the elections. In a sense, this book serves to de-mystify the art of correct calculations and analysis in determining the fortunes of a person in elections. One might add, that computer astrology, which has come to signify the fast-food mindset, will not be of much help, as what required is a knowledgeable micro-study.

By: Pandit Parsai & Pandit Parsai
Format: Soft cover
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Star Guide®to Elections ©- Hindi Edition
(Chunav Umeedvar ke Hitarth Jyotish Marg Darshan)

Star Guide to Elections - Hindi Edition
Pandit Parsai gives guidance for success from filing of Nomination Papers.

The ability of a candidate to mobilize resources and funds for campaigning.

The chances of help and support or sabotage from followers and supporters.

The law and order situation during polls; the likelihood of violence;

Chances of countermanding at places;

And last but not the least; suggests corrective measures for candidates to improve their chances at the polls.

By: Pandit Parsai & Pandit Parsai
Format: Soft cover
Price: Rs.399 including shipping in India

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Star Guide ®to Nirayan Tables©

Star Guide to Nirayan Tables

Nirayan Tables of Houses - for each Latitude from 1 degree to 60 degrees for both North and South Latitudes. The book contains Tables to cast the 10th house and explanatory notes to calculate the 12 Houses (Bhavas).

It also contains detailed explanatory notes in English and Hindi to calculate the 12 Houses (Bhavas).

By: Pandit Parsai & Pandit Parsai

Format: Soft cover
Price: Rs.149 including shipping in India

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