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What are some of the most common myths about astrology that people believe?

Reply by Pandit Parsai on Quora 06-Nov-2022

The most common myth about astrology is that people believe that it is not a science but some hocus pocus based on intuition of the astrologer or some other means. Part of this myth is that most people misunderstand and club astrology with Tarot Cards, psychic, mediums, palm reading and other such means of foretelling and future forecasting.
No, they all are different and I am writing only about Astrology. Astrology is scientific and based on the movement of planets in the heavens above. Astrology is science of influence of movement of heavenly bodies on the objects on earth. Astronomy and Astrology go hand in hand. Birth chart is the chart of the heavens at that place where the person is born and on that time. Hence the three coordinates for making a chart are needed, date, time and place of birth. If you cast an astrological chart of now, you should be able to see the planets in the sky as in the birth chart. Birth chart is merely the representation of the sky, with eastern horizon being the first house and so on and so forth and hence is merely an astronomical chart and so it is pure science. Interpretation is the Astrology part and depends, like in all other scientific fields, on the skill, knowledge and experience of the person interpreting it.
The influence of heavenly bodies on earth and objects on earth is a scientifically proven fact. Moon causes tides in the ocean and every sailor has tide tables, not from now, but since time in memorial based on the movement of Moon. And if human body is over 70% water, why will Moon not have influence on humans. Most science is observation and conclusion based and so is Astrology. We do not challenge the scientist who says that it rains diamonds on Jupiter, mere based on his observation of Jupiter, his conclusion based on a particular atmosphere of Jupiter. He has not visited Jupiter to see diamond rain. Science of Astronomy is also based on observation and conclusion.

Similarly, our ancients too made observation and wrote their conclusion about the impact of heavenly bodies on the things on earth, both living and non-living.
Part of the myth is that astrology is of recent origin. No. Astrology is part of the Veda in India. There are four Veda in number – Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva. They have six limbs (‘angas’) or subsidiary studies of Veda and ‘jyotisha’ (study of astronomy and astrology) is one of the them.
A study of Mayasura’s “Surya Siddhanta” show us that as early as in 6778 BC Astronomical calculations were well developed in Bharat and advanced astronomy, spherical trigonometry were known to our ancients in Bharat. The year 6678 BC has been derived based on the planetary combinations mentioned in “Surya Siddhanta” which occurred only once in the last 16000 years in the year 6678 BC, as verified with the help of JPL Horizons Ephemeris System (NASA Jet Propulsion Lab). (Although some attribute “Surya Siddhant” to scholar Latadeva in 3101 BC but the correct position is that its author is Mayasura during 6778 BC since this event took place in 6778 BC)
The main point of attention usually lost is that if in 6778 BC such advanced knowledge was available to our ancients in India, then how much older, our civilisation must be, to have reached that level of maturity. However, this is another topic.
All find Astrology as the orphan boy to be wiped by all and sundry. During Covid times, entire Medical science, which no body challenges, was lost without a clue for the remedy and medicines to cure it. But nobody said medical science is bad or inefficient or hocus pocus. If a particular Doctor messes up, it said that he did not know his job. Nobody denounces medical science. (And Medical science does a lot of bungling).
But everyone is quick to call Astrology a hocus pocus or even pure evil. For astrology, any person, whether the person understands it or not, can stand up and denounce it expecting the practitioners of Astrology and believers of Astrology to stand up each time to defend and explain it.

How are any astrological predictions true when zodiac signs are different according to the Moon and Sun?

Reply by Pandit Parsai on Quora 09-Nov-2022

Yes, this is a confusing issue about astrology, but not that hard to understand.

I simple language, you go to a doctor and he give you one kind of medicine and you go to a homeopath and he gives you different kind of medicine. The illness is the same and the end result is the same, getting well from that illness. So the illness is the same but different approaches to its cure. Neither is bad or good and different people trust & follow different means of treatment.

Now coming to the confusion about Zodiac Sun sign and Moon sign. It is to be understood what both are and how do they work. You can watch my You tube video Saptahik bhavishya janam rashi which deals with this topic.

Zodiac Signs from Aries to Pisces as given in newspaper and magazine for dates like 14 April to 14 March and so on are based on the revolution of the earth around the Sun. Sun usually takes 30 days to move from one Zodiac Sign to another. Thus the zodiac sign in which Sun is for the 30 days is said to be your Sun Sign.

Moon during a day moves through each Zodiac sign due to rotation of the earth, thus it moves through all the 12 zodiac signs during the day. So which ever Zodiac Sign Moon is in when you were born, is your Moon Sign or Moon Rasi. This is more accurate and used in the Indian astrology whereas Zodiac Signs are more prevalent in the western astrology and now in published media in India too.

It is difficult to say, what methodology the astrologer has used in writing his predictions as none mention it in their prediction, nor is it mentioned on the TV astrology prediction shows. But in India and on Indian TV shows, my guess is that it is based on the Moon Sign also known as Moon Rasi.

So here to whichever you find works best for you and is accurate, use that system. Like in Doctors, which ever one who’s medicine works, you go to that doctor, irrespective which methodology he follows.

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Now I am going to share some important information about various mis-information about Astrology. First in this series is a comment that I very often hear "What is the use of getting our astrological reading done. Whatever is going to happen will happen" Recently I met a doctor from a very prestigious Delhi Hospital and this was her comment about astrology. I responded that if this is true that whatever is going to happen will happen then the entire Hindu philosophy and basic foundation of Hinduism will have to be rethought. One of the basic tenets of Hinduism is that based on our Karma, our life and after-life is determined. But if I am merely a cog of the events that are pre-destined and pre-determined then why should it be our Karma. This got the doctor thinking who retorted that she had never thought on these lines and yes when examined in this manner, we cannot be merely a cog of the pre-destined events.

So only if we are responsible for our actions that translate into our Karma that we reap or pay for them. So we cannot be mere spectator of the events.

Astrology too only tells us about circumstances that are likely to be encountered by us. It forewarns or tells us in advance of the events that are likely to come, both good or bad. It can help us prepare in advance for the events to come, but the final action is for us to take - to act or react to the circumstances. The weather forecast can tell of the impending rain fall, it is for us to take the umbrella while going out doors and to secure our goods in a safe and dry place or not do it and blame others that our luck is so bad that we got drenched in rain and our goods got destroyed by rain.

Astrologer Pandit Parsai, February 02, 2016

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From this February 2016 till September 2016, Mars will be in conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio. This is going to have special significance since both Mars and Saturn are die-hard enemies. The other significance is that Scorpio Sign is owned by Mars. This would be an extra difficult period for Saturn since it is already in the house of his enemy (Mars) but now the owner of the House Mars will also be present in the same house. Mars will be extra bold since it is in it's own house. Mars governs blood and blood system for humans, fire, electricity,etc and Saturn governs bones, skeletal structure of humans including skull, transport system, iron and steel, things made of iron and steel, building etc. This combination will result in difficult situation for the masses depending upon the placement of the combination in their individual horoscopes (in which house this combination is taking place).

There will be increase in road, train and other means of transport accidents and injury. Road rage and road accidents. There will be an increase in fire and fire related accidents, including car fires. Riots,rioting and general incidents including both steel metal (guns too are of metal) and blood and fire. In general people should be cautious with fire, electricity, means of transport, guns,firearms and all kinds of weapons (including knifes, daggers and talwars), blood and blood related infections and diseases etc. anger and road rage.

Usually the impact of planet transit can start about a month or more in advance and lasts till about a month or more after they start to move away.

For those who are having this combination in good houses (there are some good houses and some bad houses like 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12 house in Astrology) will tend to become extra bold and courageous and will stand to benefit in this period.

Indian (Vedic) Astrology, which is based on individual time of birth, has a portfolio assigned to each of the 12 houses and depending where this combination is occurring in each individuals horoscope, it will have different results for each individual.

It is best that individuals may get their horoscope examined from a learned and honest astrologer to better understand the result of this combination for themselves.

Astrologer Pandit Parsai, December 25, 2015

India Today story - The terrorist attack on the US is worse than a crime

While everyone is quick to damn astrology-one of the six limbs of the Vedas-they are slow in giving an equal chance to enlightened argument. Astrology is a study that attempts to interpret the influence of heavenly bodies on human affairs and it does not include parrots, Tarot, tantra, mysticism and numbers. Many people have asked why the terrorist attacks in the US were not forecast. The truth is, I had predicted that the period from February to mid-October 2001 is bad because Saturn and Mars are in conflict, but most publications refused to carry it

Pandit K.B. Parsai, Delhi

Sweetcouch.com - Books Star Guide to Predictive Astrology by Pandit Parsai

There are a lot of misgivings about mangliks and non-mangliks marrying, whereas it is one of the points to be taken into consideration in matrimonial proposals. So, if your question was what has actually happened in a case when a manglik marries a non-manglik, it might be easy to narrate a specific case history, but it cannot be generalised to say that such a thing will happen in all cases. A person is labelled a Manglik owing to placement Mangal in 5 or 6 places. A female with Mangal in 4th house might face problem with Mother-in-law, but in a case where there is no Mother-in-law, or the husband-wife are staying away from parents or in another city, such results have been precluded or may not take place. To get an overall view about the issues involved, please get hold of a book like the one written by a practising astrologer like Pandit KB Parsai, whose book I have gone through. Half-baked theories might more problems like they say neem hakim khatra-e-jan. Similarly, there is no basis for the belief (prevalent in Punjab) that effect of mangal dosha is upto 28 years only, and the practice of a manglik marrying another is equally ill-based.


Amazon .com - Books Star Guide to Predictive Astrology by Pandit Parsai

This is a treasure beyond measure, with vedic rashi and navamsha chart in hand, and this book, one can quickly and easily decode the major strengths, weaknesses, and predictive paths of one's life, or anyone with an accurate known birth time. The revelations in this work and it's accuracy, insight, and thoroughness are of greater value than any gold, and deeper wisdom to be found in all but a rare few texts on this earth. One can correctly call this priceless work a 'bible' of life. I had read to a friend with his rashi and navamsha chart in hand and THIS book that he could have a time of incapacitation due to a 'skeletal' issue. 6 months later, he discovered the need for hip impingement alignment surgery on both hips, from which many do not walk for a period of time, but using a powerful Jupiter applying to the sun day, in both sky above and his personal transits (Magi Astrology - electional astrology) he had his first of two surgeries on 'that day' and had a very fortunate and rapid recovery 'so far'. The mysteries of my own life in a very deep, amazing, and straightforward easy to read way are explained in large part in this book - without it, I'd be largely still 'in the dark', clue less as to the mysteries of my misfortunes, luck, and the more fated points of my destiny in this life's journey and present path. One of THE best and MOST important works on Vedic Astrology I've ever seen. I carry it with me in all my travels, and consider a real treasure, and one of the few 'soul maps' I use for family, friends, and clients. No intelligent, or insightful human being should be without this work. Please not Pandit points out that only 10 to 15% of Vedic astrology out there is accurate in calculating vedic rashi and navamsha charts. Parsai's work is calculated by hand, and some things cannot simply be 'calculated' by software. Refer to his books, and be truly enlightened and better equipped with a deeper understanding and True Light on this journey we share.

By Michael Vanderpool - Published on Amazon.com

Amazon .com - Books Star Guide to Predictive Astrology by Pandit Parsai

This is excellent book in astrology. I never read any other book contains information compared to this book. K.B. Parsai experience and his ancestors knowledge maximum reflected in this book. Every astrologer should read this book. I am very thankful to the Guruji.Thanks for your Book Sir. I am eager to read other books of this author.

By P.Rajesh Babu on 10 December 2015 Published on Amazon.com

Astounding work - Flipkart on Books Star Guide to Predictive Astrology by Pandit Parsai

This book is a must-have for all those who practise Vedic Astrology or wish to seriously learn the art. The authors have very rich experience, and for this reason alone it is worth keeping it in a Library. A large volume, it contains deep insights of possibilities of a horoscope for planet positions in the 12 bhavas and conjunctions with other planets. This rare edition needs to be referred to by any aspiring astrologer or a student. An excellent book in every sense.


The Tsunami - An Astrological Reading

If a chart is cast for 14.46 hrs of the 11th March,2011 for Tokyo the following are the significant planetary placements: 1. Mars and Sun are in the 8th house: The 8th house is referred to as the house of death/longitivity. Pandit KB Parsai and Pandit DK Parsai in their book Predictive Astrology say that Sun and Mars in the 8th house could result in accidental and multiple injuries especially from fire. They mention that acids/electricity could cause trouble if Mars and Sun are together. Mars and Sun could lead to a wrong diagnosis of the problem and thus an application of a wrong line of treatment. Japan could be attacking the wrong problem.

Bharat Ram

Prometheus Academic Collections - Start Guide to Elections

Listing for Star Guide to Elections by Pandit Parsai.

Prometheus Academic Collections

TUFS Library OnLie Public Access - Star guide to elections 1998 (and candidates)

Listing for Star Guide to Elections by Pandit Parsai.

TUFS Library OnLie Public Access

Deccan Herald - Book Review of Star Guide to Love and Marriage

Star Guide to Love and Marriage: The 7th House in Astrology; Pandit K B Parsai, Gargi Parsai (New Delhi: Rupa, 2004, pp 204, Rs 95) The authors explore complex issues like the 'how' and 'when' of a relationship or marriage. The book involves no mathematics - just your horoscope/birth chart.

Deccan Herald

Friends of Books- Book Review of Star Guide To Love And Marriage:The 7Th House In Astrology by Pandit K.B. Parsai (Paperback )

In this book the authors expertly steer you from something as basic as the recognition of birth charts to more complex issues like the 'how' and 'when' of a relationship or marriage. Pick this book up to find out all about matching your horoscope with that of a prospective partner, the reasons

Friends of Books

Friends of Books- Book Review of Star Guide To Predictive Astrology:Bhavas-Planets In The 12 Houses by Pandit K.B. Parsai (Paperback )

Well-known scholar and astrologer, Pandit K.B.Parsai and his son, D.K.Parsai, present a blockbuster on astrological guidance and "prediction-sutras", never before passed beyond father to son or guru to a chosen disciple.

Friends of Books

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