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Have you ever wondered what the stars hold in store for you? Everyone does, some time or the other. Even the skeptic does.

Like most of us, you may have questions regarding your health, marriage, love life, relationships, job, profession, business, money matters, children, their health and education, etc. You may want to change your job / career, want to know when you will meet Mr. Right/ Ms. Right, want to have kids; or are concerned about your kids. Your marriage is not working out and you cannot make up your mind to stay in it. Have legal problems, have money problems. Then Pandit Parsai is the Astrologer you need to contact for humanly possible accurate and frank predictions.


For Astrological predictions, experience is most essential. Some highly crucial and secret astrological formulas are passed on within the family from parents to children or from learned teacher to devoted, loyal and intelligent disciple only. Quacks, half-baked and bookish astrologers can ruin your future instead of help building or repairing it. This is why aristocratic families, royalties, politicians and successful business persons have "Family Astrologer" like Family Doctor. Pandit Parsai and his family have a legacy of 25 generations of astrological knowledge and experience and have been State Astrologers to erstwhile Princely States. Pandit Parsai does careful calculations for making horoscope / birth chart, double checked for accuracy (without the jungle of useless charts), that is why our clients have been consulting us for years, decades and generations together.

Pandit Parsai's book "STAR GUIDE® TO LOVE AND MARRIAGE©" is quoted as law code on matters relating to marriage, timing of marriage, success and failure of marriage, love and relationships, all over India, Japan, France, Spain, UK and some parts of North and South Americas. Pandit Parsai is a top authority in astrology on subject of adverse effect of Mars on marriage i.e. Mangali boys and girls.

For getting high standard of details in predictions, besides the Birth Chart, it is essential to have "Inter Planetary Aspect Chart" and "Planetary Aspect on the 12 Houses" . "Yearly Chart" or "Progressive Chart" also known as "Varshphal"of the year of your age for which you need predictions is also equally necessary.

Pandit Parsai is just an Internet Site, Email or Phone call away from anywhere in the World.


Pandit Parsai, author of many books on Astrology, with 40 years of experience and hereditary knowledge of 25 generations,
can predict upcoming events in your life and help you make wise decision on every subject and problem and suggest remedies.
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