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Happy Marriage

Marriage is an important decision in any person’s life and brings with it a lot of questions and uncertainty. Astrology provides insight into this uncertainty and answers those unanswered questions. It is for this reason that astrological matching of horoscope for marriage has always played an important role in Indian marriages. It has gained further importance in today’s day and age when both the bride and the groom have become quite independent.

The maxim is 'marriages are made in heaven'; we may add to it 'and they are broken on earth'. With advancement of science, technology and closer contacts among various cultures by faster modes of communication, the various societies are absorbing good and the bad points of one another. Besides, life is becoming fast, intricate and loaded with problems of survival. Though it is nothing new, the struggle for survival is becoming all the more acute. A vast majority of us are therefore obliged to think and act, almost always, in terms of 'self'.

The Indian system attaches importance to the following five elements in the process of matching horoscopes for marriage:

Judging the horoscopes against the background of these five elements, we find the entire canvas of live gets covered. It is most unfortunate that in majority of cases both the astrologer and parents or parties concerned with marriage only go by a superficial matching of two horoscopes and some do not go beyond the readymade tables given in most almanacs or computer programs and websites, which leave out altogether consideration of planetary influences in the two horoscopes. This tendency is injurious and harmful to the marriage and the institution of marriage. Matching of position of planets is importance, rather more important than the matching based on constellations of birth (Guna match). Adequate analysis is also required for Mangal Dosh and all this is possible by getting the horoscopes matched by learned and impartial astrologer for the future happiness of the couple getting married.

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Horoscope Matching for Marriage Compatibility/ Kundli Milan /General matching of horoscope

Happy Marriage

Matching of horoscope is one of the most essential step in fixing a marriage. It is very useful to know the compatibility of the prospective couple and their relationship. Matching of Horoscope for marriage purpose gives an understanding of the suitability of marriage, their compatibility and work-ability of the marriage.

Once again is has to be mentioned that a lot more is required for horoscopes matching than merely the tally of Guna (Guna Milan). Grah Maitry (Planetary compatibility), Mangal Dosh, Dasha Sandhi etc. are a few to mention.

As mentioned above, get your horoscope matching as against the background of all the five abovementioned elements.

Matching of horoscope is also done for non-marriage purpose - say, to understand the compatibility of business partners about to enter into business venture.
The possibilities of matching horoscope under different circumstances is endless and it gives an insight into the compatibility of persons who wish to work / live / interact together.

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Mangal Dosh Analysis and remedy

Mangal Dosh Reading

Mars has been recognized to play an important role in marital happiness or breaking of marriage. This influence of Mars is known as "Mangal Dosh" (harmful effect of Mars) or "Kunj Dosh" or "Mangali Dosh". A man or a woman having defective influence of Mars in the horoscope is generally known as 'Mangali Boy' or 'Mangali Girl'.

However it is one of the most misinterpreted / misunderstood dosh with various beliefs in different parts of India and overseas. This is the most important astrological reading that you should get for yourself, your family members / son / daughter of marriageable age. Get it from Pandit Parsai to better understand the influence and impact of Mars on your life, marriage and relationship.

Many a times people come to Panditji saying that their horoscopes were matching then why their marriage failed. And each time Panditji asks if "Bhava Chalit", "Navamsha Chart" etc. were checked too for matching and in most cases the answer is "NO". So get your horoscope checked for Mangal Dosh so that you find an appropriate match for yourself.
See below videos of Panditji to understand Mangal dosh better.

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Kalsarp Dosh Explained

Mangal Dosh Explained

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