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Basic Horoscope Readings

 horoscope readings by astrologer pandit parsai

The Birth Chart may be thought of as the 'photo' of the position of planets and the constellation 'frozen' at the time of the person’s birth. It is the basic foundation for accurate astrology and an accurate Birth Chart is the one of the most important requirements for getting accurate astrological readings.
Astrology gets a lot of bad name for inaccurate predictions but there is never any mention of inaccuracy of the input data or wrongly calculated astrological charts. By the same token, there are many people who call themselves "astrologers" but do not have the basic knowledge and understanding of astrology, which too goes to giving it a bad name.

Get Vedic Birth Chart for yourself and each family member to get all relevant astrological charts like Birth Chart, Rasi Chart, Navamsha Chart, Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha (Planetary periods and sub periods) etc.

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Horoscope Matching for Marriage Compatibility/ Kundli Milan / General matching of horoscope

horoscope matching by astrologer pandit parsai

Marriage is one of the most important events in anyone's life and matching of horoscope is one of the most essential step in fixing a marriage. It is very useful to know the compatibility of the prospective couple and their relationship. Matching of Horoscope for marriage purpose gives an understanding of the suitability of marriage, their compatibility and work-ability of the marriage.

A lot more is required for Marriage horoscopes matching than merely the tally of Guna. Grah Maitry (Planetary compatibility), Mangal Dosh, Dasha Sandhi etc. are a few to mention.

Matching of horoscope is also done for non-marriage purpose - say, to understand the compatibility of business partners about to enter into business venture.

The possibilities of matching horoscope under different circumstances is endless.

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Career Guidance

career readings by pandit parsai

Everyone desires to be successful in work life and often people are concerned about their Career prospects and wonder if they are in the right line of work. Would you succeed in service / profession or flourish in your own business is the question that may want answered.

Astrology can guide you to know the correct path of your career and line of work. This reading is also very useful in selecting the career path for students in choosing the correct field of studies and career.

Through astrological guidance from Pandit Parsai discover your true calling in life and work with your planetary influences and achieve success in work life.

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Gemstone Consultation

gemstones readings by astrologer pandit parsai

Sometime a little nudge is required to improve the effect of the planets for better results. Gemstones help in accomplishing this, both, to get help from planets, or to reduce the negative influence of planets. Good, flawless gemstones are important for this purpose and through your horoscope we can analyse the requirement to balance the effect of planets in your life through gemstones. Avail this reading today.
There are lot of misconception about Gem Stones and what Gems to wear and how to wear. Should the Gem Stone be worn for strong and beneficial Planets only or should they be worn for weak and harmfully placed Planets.
Get expert guidance to all such questions today for a low fee and consult today to purchase good quality gem stones.

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Kalsarp Dosh Explained

Mangal Dosh Explained

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