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Pandit Parsai is a noted authority in Astrology and has authored several books on the subject. For generations knowledge has been passed by word of mouth from father to son.
Now 25 generations and 66 years of Pandit Parsai's experience and knowledge of astrology is collected in these books for all. Many of his books have been translated in different languages. All his books are in simple, layman language for everyone to easily understand and gain knowledge of the subject. He has poured his vast years of experience and knowledge into his books for the masses.

Star Guide® to Nirayan Tables of Houses©

Star Guide to Nirayan Tables

Nirayan Tables of Houses - for each Latitude from 1 degree to 60 degrees for both North and South Latitudes. The book contains Tables to cast the 10th house and explanatory notes to calculate the 12 Houses (Bhavas).

It also contains detailed explanatory notes in English and Hindi to calculate the 12 Houses (Bhavas).

By: Pandit Parsai & Pandit Parsai

Format: Soft cover
Price: ₹149 including shipping in India

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Pandit Parsai, author of many books on Astrology, with 40 years of experience and hereditary knowledge of 25 generations,
can predict upcoming events in your life and help you make wise decision on every subject and problem and suggest remedies.
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